Mackenzie Davidson

I make digital experiences in Toronto. ...

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Kwame Essien
"Outside that, nothing, nobody exists," — Kwame

Emdashes are good but not long enough imho — `$ npm install`

"a memory"
"a memory" is a poem that deletes part of itself every time someone view it, until eventually it's gone.

A community radio station broadcasting live from downtown Toronto, five days a week. Listen here:

3D art gallery in your browser and design for Centerfold
New Forms Festival
Branding and microsite for New Forms Festival. — Draw
A tiny gallery for my friend Elie. Look around on your phone.
Microsite for Florist's 2017 International Tour — Garden
Format — 2016
What a weird, long year. — 2016 (Archived)
6 poems
6 poems about love and technology, read them on your phone — read
there is hope but not for us
we only move apart — play
New site for the inclusive Toronto collective Bedroomer (Archived).
Interactive microsite for Eytan Tobin's release "1990 (Archived)".
Kid. Studio
site for da boysh at Kid. Studio. gang gang gang gang and all that- ty for everything
Interactive website for Drew Howard's EP " (Archived)".
A temporary archive of my life (2014 - 2015) — view here
Ambiguous Ardor
3D gallery invitation for Common Base's event Ambiguous Ardor (Archived).
Willis Chan
Experimental portfolio site for Willis Chan Here (Archived).
Appel du Vide
Launching next week! : ~ )
Poetry through digital environments. — (Archived)


"a memory" - Solo Exhibition, 2019 - External Pages
"there is hope but not for us (game)" - Group Exhibition, 2017 - Centerfold 13
"when we don't talk anymore i'm gonna miss the way you say 'nothing'" - Group Exhibition, 2016 - Furthermore, Good Work
"there is hope but not for us" - Group Exhibition, 2016 - Centerfold 11
"you and i are the same" - Group Exhibition, 2015 - Ambiguous Ardor